We have a set of core attributes that when combined deliver the 'best in market' service.

Independence and Objectivity

Independence is getting hard to find these days. NEWTON ROSS is completely independent with its investment planning advice. We do not issue securities or financial products and we have no financial interest in any of the underlying financial products or securities we may recommend.  All investments are external to both NEWTON ROSS and NZ DIMS.

We operate on a fee for service basis. We receive no commissions or other forms of remuneration or incentive from anyone. We are only paid from one source, our clients.

Our independence allows us to be objective when building investment strategies for clients. There are no hidden agendas or biases which means our recommendations are made with the sole purpose of achieving a client’s objectives.

Personal focus

Successful wealth management is planned and starts with a clear and ongoing understanding a client's requirements. Every client has a different set of circumstances and needs.

Each investment strategy we develop is optimized to meet a client's specific objectives. We measure the performance of any investment portfolio against the client’s own benchmark.

As a deliberately boutique organization we ensure clients can maintain direct access to us as their advisers.

Investment Expertise

The firm has substantial experience and expertise in designing investment strategies and undertaking investment portfolio management for clients.

At NZ DIMS we have adopted the best institutional fund management techniques for application at an individual client investment strategy level. Our experience and knowledge benefits our clients by ensuring our investment approach is undertaken according to a robust and rigorous process which has been tested through many economic and market cycles.

Client investment strategies are constructed within specific risk and return tolerances and designed to achieve absolute returns.

Separation of Client Funds

Client investment portfolios and funds are always held with an independent custodian, separating clients funds from NZ DIMS and NEWTON ROSS at all times.

Investment Track Record

NZ DIMS has an excellent investment track record since establishment (NEWTON ROSS portfolios started in 2003).  We have never advised client funds into any assets that have collapsed or failed.

Client Fees

NEWTON ROSS and NZ DIMS are fee based only.  Neither NEWTON ROSS or NZ DIMS receive any other form of payment or benefit from any investment or services we may recommend.

Wholesale Access

NZ DIMS can access through the independent Custodian wholesale pricing for managed funds, bank deposits, share broking, bond trading and foreign exchange. This can save investors significant costs on retail investment and share broking services.