Established in 2003, NEWTON ROSS Limited ("NEWTON ROSS") is licenced by the Financial Markets Authority as a Financial Advice Provider. NEWTON ROSS provides independent investment advisory services.  The firm is fee based only and has a limited client base ensuring a high level of personal contact and advisory care.

The firm is based in Auckland and was established by Mike Newton and Wayne Ross in 2003.  

New Zealand Discretionary Investment Management Services Limited (NZ DIMS)

Established in 2015 by the shareholders of NEWTON ROSS to be the licensed provider of discretionary investment management portfolio services (as newly required under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013) to NEWTON ROSS clients.

NZ DIMS provides investment portfolio management services for clients, while NEWTON ROSS provides clients with the ongoing financial advisory services.

NZ DIMS is managed by Wayne Ross and Mike Newton.  All client funds invested through NZ DIMS are always held separately from NZ DIMS and NEWTON ROSS with an independent custodian to provide security of client funds.