Why Seek Advice

Investors need to have an investment framework that enables them to make appropriate investment decisions. This is particularly important for trustees who have a higher duty of care.

Setting clear objectives, determining appropriate risk and return parameters, qualifying cash flow, liquidity and other constraints is fundamental to achieving good outcomes with a high degree of probability.

We can assist investors to develop clear written investment plans and investment policies that meet their specific requirements.

The benefits to clients are many, including avoiding unintended risk, less stress, more confidence and getting the best results they can.

When to Seek Advice

More often the need for advice and planning comes about by a change of circumstances. These can include:

  • Change of trustees
  • Sale of businesses or a large family asset
  • Retirement or change in life
  • Migration or expatriates returning to New Zealand
  • Inheritance and windfalls
  • Families impacted by death or divorce
  • Distribution or resettlement from an Estate or Trust

Investors in this position often feel under pressure to resolve their situation while uncertain who they can turn to get unbiased advice. NEWTON ROSS can help clients assess their options and develop the right strategy to get the best outcome.