Investment Planning and Ongoing Financial Advice

Investment planning is a ‘point-in-time’ analysis of a client’s present position and then developing different strategies to see the impact on long term wealth outcomes.

We firstly establish a baseline position. This considers what would happen if clients simply continued to do what they are doing now. We then introduce different options and constraints to see how they might impact a client’s wealth over time. The planning includes creating consolidated balance sheets, cash flows, existing asset analysis, asset and portfolio risk analysis, investment efficiency and tax. 

The work we undertake helps clients to determine what is possible and how they can best meet their lifestyle and financial objectives.

We find this work also gives clients confidence about how to move forward and puts in place a plan they can track progress to overtime.

Investment planning is done on a fixed fee for service basis. The fee is dependent on the complexity of a client’s circumstances and an agreed price is set before work is undertaken.

Like all plans they need to be updated, ideally an annual basis and as a clients’ change in circumstances may require. Where NZ DIMS are also engaged for investment portfolio management NEWTON ROSS will continue to provide ongoing financial advice including annual review work. 

 Investment Management

Client portfolio investment management is undertaken by New Zealand Discretionary Investment Management Services. (NZ DIMS).

Each client has an Individually Managed Account which is designed to meet their investment portfolio management and administration requirements. This is made possible by using a Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS) where clients provide us with the authority to manage their portfolio to strictly defined and agreed risk and return investment objectives.   

Individually managed accounts also allow us to set up investment portfolios to address each client’s specific cash flow and tax requirements. Portfolios may also need to be constrained appropriately to meet residency requirements, ethical considerations or even conflicts of interest an investor may have.

NZ DIMS are inherently conservative and use an investment approach combining a target strategic asset allocation for each client’s portfolio which only holds high quality individual investments. We use proprietary research to invest in a wide range of direct local and international assets and selected managed funds.

Our structured and disciplined approach to portfolio management has been proven over many years through all market cycles.  Since inception in 2003, we have never recommended investments to clients that have failed or lost permanent capital value even during the Great Financial Crises. 


Asset Consulting

All investing requires a careful and planned approach. Having a framework and basis for making investment decisions is critical particularly, for professional and independent trustees that have high fiduciary obligations. We provide asset consulting services to Charitable Trusts and to Iwi.  These services include:

  • Reviewing and clarifying the Trust objects and obligations. This considers the Trust Deed and any other constitutional documents, business or strategic plans and financial accounts
  • Assessing existing investment assets for risk and return characteristics, cash flow, liquidity, concentration, taxation and cost efficiency.
  • Establishing a baseline forecast with existing assets and then options with alternative strategies
  • Determining the fit of the current strategy and alternative options for meeting the Trust’s obligations
  • Developing with trustee input, Statements of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPOS) and implementation plans.
  • Resolving gaps between current and required investment processes
  • Assisting with the implementation of changes and new investment strategies
  • Putting in place measures and information sources to enable the trustees to monitor and track investment activities to meet the SIPO requirements.